Getting Back to Health and Back to Home After Rehab at Bay Shores Senior Care & Rehab Center

Mr. Michael Bremer, age 65, was admitted to Bay Shores Senior Care & Rehab Center after slipping on ice. When Mike first arrived to us on March 2nd from Hurley Medical Center he was weak and was unable to bear any weight on his left leg. Mike had fractured his pelvis, was unable to stand, and the physician ordered no weight bearing for 8 full weeks. Mike had already lost so much of his strength from lying in a hospital bed for 18 days.

During Mikes stay at Hurley he underwent two surgeries to repair is pelvis. When it was time for Mike to discharge from Hurley he was asked where he wanted to be transferred to for further therapy. Mike chose Bay Shores Senior Care & Rehab  because it was convenient and close to home. He was unsure what to expect when he came through the doors since this was his first experience with short term rehabilitation. Mike said when he first arrived he was greeted by 2 therapists for his first initial evaluation. From that point forward Mike stated he always felt like he was treated like a guest. Mike stated that the staff is encouraging and very personable. “They all know me by name.  The staff at Bay Shores is very upbeat and uplifting; they are quick to respond when we are in need. They treat the patients here at Bay Shores with respect, and ask for consistent feedback throughout the course of stay.”

Mike said he had well wishes, encouragement and prayers from family, friends and church family which gave him the drive to overcome his setback.

Mike is now close to discharging back home with his wife. He is ambulating independently and anxious to get back to his normal routines and carry on with life as it was prior to his fall.  Mike was very active prior to coming to Bay Shores. He was part of the mall walker group.  Mike said if I could leave one piece of advice it would be to take it one day at a time. Look at the progression on a daily basis verses a long term basis. Mike said one of his biggest parts of his success was the ability to have the same therapists throughout his entire stay. He said this made it easy for them to track my progress and keep a careful eye on my condition.

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